Mattel Toy Sale

Sunday, December 07, 2008

I can’t believe I actually did this. It was the first time in my 30 years of life – to go for a toy sale on a weekday!

It’s the Mattel Toy Sale at 1 Lok Yang Way. I was told by my friends that there are lots of good buys in this toy sale, with discounts up to 90%. Fisher Price and Barbie are the two favorite brands in this sale.

My hubby and I reached Lok Yang Way at around 11:45am. Finding a car park was our first challenge as the road was already full of cars when we reached. The place was hot and super crowded. As we made our way through the crowd and hunt for our toys, we were sweating like mad. Worst than the C&K warehouse sale, it’s really like fighting a war here!

The crowd reached its peak at around 12:30pm. From the amount of toys that the people are buying and the length of the queue at the cashier counters, I can conclude that the toys must be really cheap. Can you imagine what will happen if the toys are free?!

Our damage was minimal (I think!). Only $190 for 4 items. I couldn’t find anymore suitable toys for Edison. Here are our loots from the sale:
FP Little People Music Parade Ride-On $35
FP Little People Shop n’Learn Market $40
FP Doodle Pro Colour $25
FP Trike to Bike $90

As we reached home, we cleaned the toys and displayed them nicely in our living hall. When little Edison came home, he got a very BIG surprise! His eyes beamed with joy when he saw his new toys. That night, he played with the music parade ride-on until 11pm!


Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know when is the last day for the toy fair...=)
Plan to get some toys for my baby girl as well,

jenfaith said...

Hey, thought I saw more than that in your shopping carton? How come in the end bought only 4? =p

Edison's Mum said...

Last day of the toy sale is on 14 Dec...

Hi jenfaith,
We took out some of the items after we found some problems with them...

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