Kiddy Rides Fun Again!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Yesterday, we spent our evening in Marina Square. The Christmas decorations were fantastic, we instantly felt the dazzling Christmas spirit. Most of the shops are having sales now. We were lucky enough to catch the Sesame Street show just in time!

We were searching for some toys for little Edison. He loves to play with plates, cups and spoon now, so I thought of getting a kitchen set for him. But on a second thought, I’m worried that this is maybe too ‘girlish’ for him.

Daddy found this police car in Kiddy Palace. We did a 'trial' on it. Little Edison loves it so much! But judging from its size, this police car is really not suitable for our home. Apart from the police car, we have short listed a few exciting toys for Edison. We are hoping that we can find them in the upcoming Mattel warehouse sale (it’s this coming weekend actually!)

Something caught little Edison’s attention again. This time, it’s the animal rides outside Kiddy Palace. His eyes beamed with joys as he saw the little girls riding on the animals. With $2 coins in my pocket, I popped them into the bear. Little Edison happily rode the bear with my helper.

It was another fun filled kiddy rides session for little Edison.


Bryan+Nicole said...

Which day are you going to the Mattel sales? I'm thinking of going ont he first day which is this friday. Hehe =)


Edison's Mum said...

Hi Nicole,
I still have one day of childcare leave to clear this year.. So I thot taking it this Friday and go for the Mattel sale..

See u this Friday then.. kekeke..

Anonymous said...

so tempting... this fri is my company's D&D. will be having half day off. hee, feel like cheong-ing mattel sales too! where at??

Edison's Mum said...

Hi Sam,
Heard from Pooh Wei, its at 1 Lok Yang Way.. same location as previous..

Bryan+Nicole said...

Do you know what time it starts ah?

Edison's Mum said...

I have no idea on the timing. Havent seen any advertisement on this warehouse sale yet...

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