Wednesday, November 05, 2008

- It is a process that happens over time.
- It doesn’t happen in a split second.
- It is essential for the emotional wellbeing of our children.
- It will last a lifetime.
- It is an instantaneous connection with our children from the moment they are born.
- It helps our children to develop into an independent and competent person.
- It strengthens out relationship with our children.
- It takes time, patience and lots of efforts.

Activities that promote bonding:
1. Read a book
2. Daily playtime
3. Touch them
4. Bathe them
5. Cuddle them
6. Talk with them
7. Breastfeeding
8. Respond to them promptly

I did all the above activities regularly with Edison, EXCEPT #7. I still regretted it until now because Edison did not take much breast milk in his early months. Due to numerous reasons, my breastfeeding journey has been a total failure. I'm such a lousy mother. Sigh.

For my future #2, I promise him/her that I will try my very best to give him/her lots and lots of breast milk. I’ll learn from my previous mistakes and I’m determined to do better job next time.


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