Charles & Keith Warehouse Sale

Friday, November 28, 2008

Charles & Keith Warehouse Sale
Up to 70% Off
Date: 27th Nov 2008 (Exclusively for Members*) /28-30th Nov 2008 (Open to Public)
Time: 10am-8pm
Venue: 21, Tai Seng Street Charles & Keith Building Singapore 534166

Ever since we shifted our office from Lorong Chuan to our new building in Tai Seng, we have been aiming for C&K warehouse sales. Our new office is just right across the street from C&K!

--[My office - the blue building which is just across the street from C&K!]

Our dream finally came true yesterday as C&K launched its warehouse sale from 27 Nov – 30 Nov. As early as 10am, some of the female staffs in my company sneaked out of our office and headed to C&K building. Half an hour later, they were back with more good news – C&K staff did not check for membership card (even though they said 27 Nov is exclusively for members) and there are tones of shoes and bags for grabs at irresistible prices!

What I can say, “No government today? How come they can go shopping during office hours?” And the short answer is “Yes!” Apparently, our big boss was on business trip yesterday.

From 11am till our lunch hour, 2/3 of our female staffs were already in C&K warehouse. Amazing? I and my colleagues joined the crowd during the lunch hours. No doubt there are tones of shoes and bags with up to 70% discount. Some of the shoes are even sold at $9 per pair!

We had a hard time finding the right shoes and bags due to the overwhelming crowds. After half an hour of battle, we left the warehouse and hurried into the cashier counters. At this point of time, there were almost...

- 50+ people queuing at the cashier counters (circled in RED)
- 100+ or more in the warehouse
- 200+ or more waiting outside the warehouse! (circled in BLUE)

--[Photo taken from my canteen window]

The crowd reached its peak at around 12:30pm. We were glad that we survived the battle and managed to crawl back to our office in ONE PIECE.
If you are a size 4 or size 7, or you like super high heels (3 inches & above), then this warehouse sale is good for you. If you are an average size 5 or 6, you can give this a MISS. Most of the nice designs do not have size 5 and 6.
I was literally disappointed with the warehouse sale. After spending half an hour battling with the crowd, I can’t find anything for myself. Frustrated & unwilling to leave the place empty-handed, I simply bought a pair of heels at $17. This pair of heels will probably end up collecting dust in my store room.
Until about 6pm, I can conclude that 98% of the female staffs in my company have been to C&K. From the 20s to the 40s, non-executives to managers, singles to married; there are simply no exceptions. When it comes to sales and shoes, all the women will go crazy!
So, anyone going for the 2nd round today?


Arisz said...

Hi Emily,

Hows your trip?! Must be super fun right! Post pics soon!

Oh, I think no ladies can resist sales!!!!

Expo got John Little Mega Sales!

sennophone16 said...

Check out the charles & keith autumn campaign 2015 collection. I find this season's design to be much better than the previous one.

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