November 2008

Monday, November 03, 2008

I’ve decided to write something like this at the beginning of each month. I'll take a little time, do some thinking, plan my schedule for the month, list down my missions to accomplish for the month and follow-up on the progress.
November is a great month for me, because:
- It’s my birthday month!
- My quarter-end is over! This month, I’m expecting a lesser workload in the office.
- My sister’s wedding is around the corner. We will be going to Malaysia in another 2.5 weeks. I’m already counting down to the trip. Honestly, I really miss my home soooOOOooooo much!
- I can take a short break from work.
Missions to accomplish this month:
For Edison:
- Make an appointment with his PD and schedule his chicken pox vaccination.
- Make one musical slideshow for Edison. I have selected this new song ‘Let’s Make a Salad’.
- DIY another 3 sets of flash cards with these topics: International Currency, Cartoon Land & Organised Dots.
For my family:
- Organise a family outing to the park, beach or somewhere outdoor.
For myself:
- Take half-day off mid of this month and go for a facial & massage.
- Decide whether to go for a haircut.

- Buy a birthday present for my nephew, Jaerone.
- My helper’s birthday is coming too. Need to get her a present as well.
That’s all for now. Can’t think of anything else. So, what's your missions for November?
Quote of the month: A little at a time EVENTUALLY makes a big difference.


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