Skinned His Knees

Saturday, November 29, 2008

[He refused to look at me when I snapped this picture]
Two days ago, Edison fell down outside Grandpa’s house and skinned both knees. He was probably running or walking too fast, without holding on to Grandpa’s hands.

He kneeled down on the road as he fell. As a result, he skinned his knees. He was shocked to see his knees with a little bit of blood. Grandpa & my helper immediately carried him back, cleaned the injured areas, disinfect and attached plasters on his knees. Surprisingly, he did not cry. Wasn’t it painful, my boy?

Well, this is the down side of an active toddler. Bumps, bruises and scrapes are all part of every day life. Every time Edison has a fall or knock his head, I will tell him that it’s part of growing up.

He walks, runs, climbs and crawls everyday. He is unstoppable.

The up side is that a busy toddler leads to a tired toddler, which leads to a decent nap, which leads to a happy mummy. Yay!


Anonymous said...

sayang Edison...
must be very painful.
So brave of him, never cry!

Huey Ling said...

haha. it is true. super active child, will have better n deeper nap.
I aso try to play wif my boy alwaz to make him tired. However, overplay will make him cry in the middle of the night.

Edison's Mum said...

Plasters have been removed, and he is OK liao... now climbing from sofa to sofa! never stop!

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