Photographic Memory Home Practice (Part I)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

It is coming to five months since Edison started his lessons at Shichida Method. I have not started any home practice on photographic memory yet. So I’ve decided to start it this week. It will take a little time and efforts to prepare the home practice materials, but I’m determined to do it.

Photographic memory is defined as the ability to memorize something at one glance, and this is one of the functions of our right brain. Every week, Edison does a lot of practices on photographic memory in his class. In order to enhance these weekly inputs, I need to start practicing with him regularly at home.

I have a few ideas in my mind now. I will elaborate on one of them in this post.

Step-by-step Instructions:
1. Prepare two seemingly identical pictures. Example:

2. Print them out on A4 size papers. Cut and paste them into A4 size blank flash cards.

3. Show our child one of the pictures and keep the other one. Tell him to take a picture using his ‘special camera’. Let him look at the picture for about 3 seconds.

4. Now, put the two pictures together and shuffle them. Show him the two pictures and ask him which picture he saw a moment ago. Let him point to the correct picture.

This is probably the easiest and simplest memory game that we can do at home. You will probably ask me where we can find these identical pictures. Remember when we were young; we often played with this game called ‘Spot the Differences’. We were given 2 similar pictures and we tried to spot the number of differences between these pictures. You can google about this topic in the internet and you can find lots of similar pictures for our memory games.

For a start, I will use pictures with single object. (like the pictures featured in Step 1 above). Then, we can slowly progress to pictures with several objects with minor differences. See this example:

Here is one of the website where you can download the similar pictures: My Kids Corner

I’ve made two sets of memory games last night using the examples listed above. By 11pm, it’s all done and I crashed into bed.

I will practice with Edison tonight. Let’s see how the progress is. I will update again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Emily, how's the progress of the photographic memory training?? I heard a lot about this Shichida Method but too bad is not available at my place. So, when i read your blog, i'm really excited to hear more about it :) :)

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