We are back!

Monday, November 24, 2008

We are back from Ipoh. Yippee! All of us are so exhausted today. Little Edison dozed off to Lala Land again. He seems to have a nice 'sleeping trip' in Ipoh, probably due to the cool weather.

A lot of things to update about our trip. Although it's a mere 3 days trip, there are so much of happenings. There are not much photos in my camera. Little Edison has been clinging to me all the time, and thus I don't really time to take photos.

Ok, will post more updates later this week. I need a GOOD REST today to recharge.


almond said...

I got some of Edison pic here.. Email you? or do you have FB account? add me at nickeechung@gmail.com lo.

take care,

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