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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The blogging world is still quite new to me. Although I’ve started this blog more than a year ago, I didn’t write much during the first few months. Lately, my passion for blogging seems to have blossomed. I read a lot of articles about blogging from the internet. I learn new things everyday and I add them into my blog. And now, I’m 90% addicted to blogging.

I promise that I’ll continue to keep my passion for blogging. Blogging is FUN and my BLOG is the best place for me to share my happiness & sadness, ups & downs, my daily living and my boy’s growing up.

Recently, I’ve seen many of my friends joining the blogging world. I’m so delighted to see their blogs. I’ve added them into my blog list, and it’s getting longer each day.
Happy Blogging to all of you!


Anonymous said...

valuable information! emailed u.

Edison's Mum said...

Hi Sam,
Replied you lerr... Actually it doesn't really work perfectly.. haiz.. I'm still cracking my head.. Will post the solution when I manage to find it... with me luck ;)


Magdalene said...

Hi, Emily.
How come I can't access yr post on protecting the pictures??
I trying to do wat u mentioned in the post.. hee..

Edison's Mum said...

Hi Mag,
I'm still editing the post. Will be re-posting it again later.

Pls bear with me for my 'slow-ness'..okie? :)


arisz aka nicole said...

Hi Emily,

haha...i'm still quite lazy when it comes to blogging! Doing it now more for hubby.
But I'm checking your blog for updates almost everyday! Keep it going for my viewing pleasure! Yeah! Cheers!

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