Homework #1: Paper Craft

Sunday, November 02, 2008

This is Edison’s first homework from his Shichida class. He has completed it last week. It’s a paper craft project using torn newspaper.

It is actually very easy to do. You can try on your own at home too.

Step 1:
Print a picture on an A4 size paper. I found this website with lots of pictures that we can use for paper craft or colouring.
Get a small piece of newspaper, magazine or colour papers; and a double-sided tape. Put the double sided tapes on a few areas on the picture.

Step 3:
Teach them how to tear the papers into smaller pieces. Edison likes to tear newspapers, so he enjoys doing this paper craft activity.

Step 4:
Attach the small pieces of newspaper onto the picture (on the double-sided tape).

Step 5:
Voila! We are done!

This is a good beginning for the toddlers to explore the joys of arts and crafts. If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to spend quality time with your active toddler, you can give this a try. It’s easy, cheap and fun!


Jessica said...

Hi, I found ur blog thru one of a friend. I have a daughter 12 months old n i like yr blog very much cos it helps me to also use it to monitor my daughter's development. Hope u dun mind.

Edison's Mum said...

Hi Jessica,
Thanks for visiting our blog. You have a very cool blog too!

Edison & Mummy

Kathy said...

Hi there,
I have a 10month old boy and started out with Glenn Doman cards then got lazy. I have been interested in the SM but like you said the price is a big factor and am 1000 times grateful to you for unselfishly sharing what you did with your son at the SClass. It takes alok of effort to type it out so well. Thank you once again. Kathy

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