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Thursday, November 13, 2008

[Experimenting with the remote control]

It’s really amazing to witness how much Edison has learnt during his first 14 months. So much that I simply couldn’t write it down, even if I tried. From a baby who knows absolutely nothing about the world into which he is launched, he becomes an active learner who thinks, interprets, relates and remembers. This transformation is truly astonishing.

He constantly seeks new learning experiences himself as a result of his own natural curiosity. I viewed him as an active learner. He likes to imitate what the adults do too. We just have to show him once, and he will master it in no time.

The other day, I showed him our family portrait. Much to my surprise, he can point to the correct person when I call out their names – Mummy, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa and Godpa! Amazing, isn’t it?

By looking at his body gestures, I know that he can understand some of our daily conversations. Just to name a few…

“Edison, are you scared?”------------He will pat his chest with his hand.
“Knock your head, pain pain!”-------He will pat his head with his hand.
“Edison, how to tip toe?”------------He will stand on tip-toe.
“Edison, wash your hair.”-----------He will put both hands on his head and rub his hair.
“Edison, wear your shoes.”---------He will sit on the floor and stretch out his legs.

As he embarks on his learning journey, I will continue to guide him and create meaningful and high-impact learning experiences for him.


Sin Yee said...

hi emily, wondering if you could show me how do you create the related post below ? like say Edison at 14months, you have read link to Edison at 13 months.

thanks !

Edison's Mum said...

Hi Sin Yee,
Actually, there are 2 scenarios here:

1) For the post that you mentioned "Edison at 14 mths", actually I manually add the URL in the post.

2) If you notice, there is a Related Articles column at the bottom part of my blog. If this is what you want, I can e-mail the details to you. It's actually a widget that we need to add into the blog.


Sin Yee said...

oh thanks ! so the bottom part of the blog , which has related articiles, can't auto appear for each post ?

or will it have to be at the bottom part of my blog.

coz i like the idea of each post below, can see suggested links.

Edison's Mum said...

Cos after I added the widget, it only appear at the bottom of my blog.. I still dunno how to put it at the end of every post...

Hehehe... if I can find the solution, I e-mail to you la...

For the related post widget that I've planted at the bottom of my blog, I downloaded the codes from this website:

check it out if u r interested.. :)

Sin Yee said...

thanks !

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