A Bad Fall

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It all happened last Saturday night. Initially, I didn’t want to blog about it because it was too heart-wrenching for me. But now, everything seems fine and I have a little courage to recall what really happened that night.

I went to bed with Edison at about 10:30pm. At around midnight, Edison had a nightmare and he cried badly (with his eyes remain closed). I carried him onto my bed, pat him and gave him some comfort. In just a short while, he slipped back into his sleep. So, I let him sleep beside me for the night. I put some pillows at the other end of the bed to serve as a guard. Soon, I fell asleep too.

Suddenly, I heard a loud thump! I woke up and I realized my bed was empty. At that moment, my heart stopped beating. AAAhhhhhh! My Edison!!!! He fell off from the bed!!! He started crying. My hands were trembling when I carried him up. I felt so horrible; it was all my fault and negligence!

He must have knocked his head against the floor. I carried him and comfort him. He stopped crying in about 2 minutes. Then, I put him on my bed again to do a thorough check for injuries. His scalp was slightly red and I felt a small bump on the left side of his head. I immediately wrapped an ice pack with a thin handkerchief and rolled it on the bump for ~15 mins, to reduce the swelling.
Both of us went to back to sleep again. But that night, I woke up a few times to check on Edison. I was soooOOOoooo worried.

The next morning, Edison woke up at 6am for his first milk feed. He finished up 180ml of milk. I checked on him again. No injury on his body. Thank God for protecting my Edison. The bump on the left side of his head was still there, though the swelling has reduced quite a lot.

On the next 24 hours, I observed him very carefully. No abnormal behaviour, no loss of appetite, no vomiting, no fever and no crankiness. As a matter of fact, he seems to be unaffected by the fall. Edison is really a very brave boy.

Somehow, I still couldn’t forgive myself. I apologized to my son for causing him so much pain and fear. I didn't even know how he can roll over the pillows and landed on the floor. It was such an unfortunate incident. "Sorry to my dear Edison, Mummy will never let this incident happen again."


arisz aka Tristan's mum said...

Poor Edison! But like what you said, he is a brave boy, so don't worry! He will be alright! =)

Edison's Mum said...

Hi Nicole,
Thanks for your concern. He is alright now. :) Back to his usual activeness again...

Anonymous said...

glad to hear that he is alright now. i can imagine the shock both of you had. take care

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