Prince Edison - 13 months

Saturday, October 11, 2008

This photo was taken during Edison’s first month celebration. He was too tired after the party and fell asleep soundly. Oh gosh, this picture is now one year old. How quickly time flies! Edison is now 13 months old, and is progressing well into his toddlerhood.
This is a quick summary of his development this month:

- Able to climb up the stairs but finds coming down is harder
- Walks confidently through the house and outdoor, although still topple occasionally
- Can stop walking and bend down to pick up an object on the floor
- Master the challenge of climbing out of his high chair

Hand-Eye Coordination
- Likes to play with a toy phone and able put the receiver on and off it
- Can build a tower of 2 or 3 bricks

- Recognizes his own name
- Understand many more words than he can say; i.e. shoes, water, milk, sleep, bird etc
- Likes to babble and express his emotions

- Determined to get his own way
- Throw a tantrum when he is frustrated
- Show liking to pets, i.e. dogs and fish.

Edison is taking ~630ml of milk daily with 2 solid feeds. He sleeps 10 hours though the night and 2 naps (about one hour each nap) during the day. He is slightly above 9kg now.
The coolest thing about Edison - he doesn't require any sleep training, and he goes to sleep on his own. All I have to do is to put him on his bed and dim the light. He will play with his pillows, smell them and sometimes bite the corners of the pillows. Then he will fall asleep, usually within 5 to 10 minutes. Isn't it amazing?

"To my dearest Edison, Mummy will treasure every moment with you. Mummy really loves you a lot! Mummy will always take good care of you."

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