Hide-and-Seek with the leopard

Monday, October 27, 2008


This is Edison's latest toy friend - the Leopard. He loves playing hide-and-seek with it. I will hide the leopard somewhere in the living hall, not too visible to him. Then I will tell him, "Edison, where is the leopard?". He will search for it.
He will squat down and check underneath the sofa and table. Then, he will flip the pillows on the sofa. He look clueless if he still can't find it. Then, I'll give him some clues. He goes searching again.
Once he found the leopard, I will shout 'Tadaa! Leopard is here!". He will giggle and laugh. It is quite funny.
I like happy kids. They laugh at the simplest thing in life. Edison is one of them. He is always happy and cheerful.


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