Kiddie Rides

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Last Sunday, we bought Edison to VivoCity and he had a great time with kiddie rides again. There are a couple of machines just outside the VivoMart.

Edison chose the Barney ride. The moment I plonked in the $1 coin, the ride started moving and the Barney music played along. Edison's hands automatically took to the steering wheel of the ride and started turning it like a Formula One professional racer. He seems to be able to co-ordinate his turning skills very well.
Even after the Barney ride stopped moving, he was still seated in the stationery ride happily. We moved him to the next ride - Sesame Street. "Wow, he drives like you, dear!" I told my hubby. His face beamed with joy as he continue with the ride.

Well, I guess next time, I will have to go to VivoCity with my pocket full of $1 coins.


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