Home Practice Again!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

One week ago, I have restarted the daily home practice session with Edison. After the term break in end Sept, I was kinda lazy and I didn’t put much efforts to do home practice with him. So, I have to get back on track very quickly. Time waits for no one!

Every night after we reach home, I will take out 7 to 8 sets of flash cards for our practice. I try to keep the session short (about 10-15 mins) in order to capture his attention. If I’m lucky that night, I can flash up to 10 sets of cards (before he falls asleep!).

Edison will stand in his playpen, staring at me and the cards when I flashed them. Of course, sometimes, he will move around and doesn’t pay much attention. What I’ll do is to stop for a while, talk to him and get him to focus on the cards again.

This boy can be a little tricky at times. When he is lazy, he will pretend that he is sleepy. He will rub his eyes and hide his face with his pillow. After I keep all the flash cards, he will stand up again, make a little noise and want to go out to play again. Sigh, he drives me nuts sometimes.

Over the weekend, I can lengthen the home practice session by showing him the music slideshows, which he loves so much. I blogged about it last month on how to make a music slideshow using Microsoft PowerPoint. Now, I would like to share with you my first creation – Counting By Tens – Edison simply loves it! Ok, here’s the link for your download.


It’s really not easy to do all these by yourself; especially for working mothers who are struggling with work and family, plus coaching the kids after work. If you have a supportive husband who can help you with this, please give him a BIG warm hug now.

Me? Well, I’m practically a do-it-all mother. No matter how tough it is, I still enjoy doing it. Simply because I love my son so much! I can be a Super Mum! Jia You! Jia You!


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