Thoughts on Parenting: Parenting Goals

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Parenting isn’t always easy. All of us struggle at some point to figure out what is the most effective way to handle certain situations and how to be the best parent possible. There is so much information available out there; from parenting books and websites to advice from our parents and grandparents. But how do we know who is right and what is the best parenting style for us?

To begin with, let’s just ask ourselves what are our parenting goals. To me, my goals are to bond lovingly with my child, encourage and promote independence, and to mentor and assist in his academic and life skills education. I realize the significance of being a parent and my responsibility in raising a happy and healthy child.

We have our own unique personality and character. Our children have their own individual needs, developmental growth and habits too. Because of these differences, we need to develop our own parenting style that works for us. Having said that, there is no 100% perfect parenting style in this world.

I emphasize a lot on LOVE and LIMIT. Love is the most important element in my relationship with my son. I express my love by hugging and kissing him everyday. This will create a sense of protection and security to him. Imagine a newborn can recognize their parents’ love with just a simple touch with their hand! It’s the same concept here. I learn to understand more about him and respond to him with love and praise. My objective is to create a positive emotional growth in him.

On the other hand, setting a limit is very critical to discipline our child. Children need rules and limit. They need continual guidance and guidelines from us. We need to establish a healthy routine and some basic rules for them to follow. Sometimes we may feel that we are too strict or too lenient. It is so difficult to strike a balance. We love our children, but on the other hand, we don't want to spoil them.

Parenting is a life-long journey and commitment. Discover the new life created by us and make a positive impact in their life. Good Parent = Good Children, a simple equation but there is always truth in it.-


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