Edison's Vocal Accomplishment

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

When Edison started calling his Daddy four months ago, I was thrilled. ‘Dear, Edison is talking!” I squealed. Probably he didn’t know what it means yet, he was just experimenting it. But now, four months later, he begins to talk more often. We hear this everyday....

mum mum’ when he wants to eat something
pa pa’ when he sees his daddy
ta ta ta’ when he is excited or something.. (I couldn’t figure out what he means sometimes)
ah!” when he wants to show us something and his finger will point to that object
Sometimes, he will talk and make funny expressions at the same time, i.e. blink his eyes, stick out his tongue etc.

I am wondering if there is anything that we, parents, can do to speed up our toddler’s verbal development. Children’s brains are like sponges, waiting to absorb whatever information or inputs that we give to them. Therefore, I strongly believe that the more we talk to them, the more likely they are to talk and respond to us.

Below are some useful tips that I found on the internet.
1. Talk to them with a clear & proper pronunciation
2. Always use a light and cheery tone
3. Ask them questions. “Would you like milk or water?” "Where are your shoes?" It helps them to gain understanding of language, words and their meanings.
4. Read a variety of materials to them. Picture books, story books or flash cards.
5. Sing songs.

I’m pretty sure that helping them to learn how to talk can be one of the most exciting experiences for us. Watching their little face beam with pride at their first vocal accomplishment is a joy for us too.

So, come on Edison, when can you call 'ma ma'?


fau said...

Emily, mama will come soon! I trained Dahlia to say Ibu and in the end she said Mama, something I didnt teach at all :( Now I'm sitting on the Mama vs Ibu fence wondering if I should accept being a Mama instead of Ibu *sobsob*

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