Toys for a One Year Old Toddler

Monday, October 13, 2008

Most Singaporean children are blessed with generous parents who are willing to buy toys for them pretty often. I admit that I’m one of them too! Well, nothing can beat the smiling face of Edison whenever he gets a new toy from me.
Although children do not need a wide array of expensive toys, but I do believe that a good selection of toys can help to stimulate their mental and physical development. So what is the ideal kind of toys for a one-year-old toddler like Edison?

Pushing and riding toys are the most important. Edison has a Fisher Price walker and this toy has always been his #1 favorite. These days, he walks a lot. His new mobile status shows great advancement in his gross motor skills and feeds his curiosity to explore the world around him. Although he can walk steadily now, he still enjoys pushing his walker around the house.

In addition, Edison’s dexterity is also improving. Thus, I need to continue to provide him with sensory and manipulative toys for his amusement. He will learn the cause and effects too. Among Edison’s toys in this category are his Elmo toy cell phone, remote control, Leapfrog Little Touch LeapPad Learning System and Leapfrog Learning Friend Tad. He simply adores these toys with attractive buttons and sounds.

Stacking and sorting toys play a very important role too. They help him to learn the relationships between objects of various sizes and improve his hand and eye coordination. Edison has 2 sets of stacking and sorting toys, but he seems to have lost interest in them. I bought another set yesterday, and this is him, enjoying his new set of stacking toys. I wonder how long this set can last before it is being dumped into my store room.

So what about plush toys? Edison shows very little interest in them. Maybe because he’s a BOY, and a boy doesn’t play with plush toys. Am I right? Anyway, we have 2 or 3 of them at home, which he rarely touches on them.

When Edison grows older (18 months maybe), I will get him a riding toy; a little car or bicycle with wheels. He can cycle around the garden in the evening. It will be a good form of exercise for him, besides developing his abilities to traverse his environment.

So that’s all about the toy talk today. To parents who STILL think that toys are a waste of time and money, its time for you to shift your paradigm. -


Alana said...

Edison love pushing and riding toys.

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