Unmotivated or Demotivated

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I often get confused by these two words. Unmotivated and demotivated. Are they the same? Well, no. Depicted from the dictionary,

Unmotivated means Having no motive or incentive, without motivation.
Demotivated means Someone makes (me) lose motivation, esp to carry out a task.

Ok, so I think I’m just unmotivated. I have been doing the same old job for the past five years. That is probably the main reason for it. It’s really not a good time to change my job now as Edison is still young plus the job market is not so promising. Coupled with the global financial crisis now, haiz…. I think I just have to ‘rot’ here for the time being.

I have this strange habit. Whenever I’m unmotivated to go to work in the morning, I’ll just dress casually. Today, I just clad in a halter-neck top and a pair of white 2-quarter pants, with my noisy sandals. They make the ‘tak tak tak’ sounds whenever I walk. The noise level is comparable to those toddler squeaky shoes. Hehehe.. I must be crazy. Nonetheless, they didn’t make any impact when I stepped into my office due to the carpet flooring. Haiz!

Another 3+ weeks of suffering before my quarter-end ends on 31 Oct. Every shipment seems so urgent, every product needs expedition, and every single minute counts as we can’t afford any production downtime. This is what I call craziness!


Barbie Chiu said...

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