Life Transformers

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I was watching this new TV program called Life Transformers on CH8 last night. I am saddened by the real-live story of this 30 y/o woman who has suffered so much in her marriage life. She looked so skinny, fragile and haggard.
She is a mother of 3 children; her oldest son is 9 y/o now. She was married at a tender age of 21. Her husband committed suicide by jumping down from their HDB flat 4 years ago. He ran into a huge amount of debts with the loan sharks. Unable to pay off his debts, he killed himself.
The debts were mainly due to gambling. He didn't have any permanent job and has been jailed for selling pirated VCDs before his death. But what could have been worst? His eldest son witnessed the whole incident of his father committing suicide. He was only 5 y/o then. He must extremely traumatised by the loss of his father.
This woman is now battling with depression and the stress of raising up her 3 kids. I'm not sure if she has a job or any income now. I didn't finish watching the program, else I will definitely burst into tears. I really symphatise her and her children. I begin to wonder about their future.
People always say that the biggest fear for a woman is to marry the wrong guy. This is so true! A wrong husband can turn a woman's life upside down.

Here's a video clip of the show.

I sincerely hope that this show can change her life.


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