A Shocking Incident

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Daddy was so eager to attend the Shichida class with Edison yesterday. Oh, that’s cool! I felt an instant relief as I can finally take a break and an hour of quick shopping at Toa Payoh Central. For Daddy, it’s going to be a good bonding time between him and Edison. He has only attended the class once with Edison since we enrolled him in July, so it’s time for him to catch up with the lessons too.

We drove to HDB Hub full of enthusiasm. Edison had his one hour afternoon nap, just before we leave home to school. So, his concentration level should be at its peak for the day’s lesson.

When the class started at 4:15pm, I left the classroom and went for a quick shopping at the TPY Central and to search for some hair products.

Never did I expect that Edison will cry badly in the class. And yes, he really did! When I came back at 5:15pm (the lesson is one hour), I saw Edison’s teary eyes and red face. I got a great shock! Oh my poor boy, what happened to him? Did Daddy scold him? Was it because he is sleepy or hungry or too cold? My imagination went wild.

I quickly carry him and console him. Honestly, I never see him cried so badly before, not even when he fall down and knock his head. I just couldn’t believe what I’ve just seen.

So what has really happened? Apparently, he was looking for me during the second half of the class. When he couldn’t find me, he broke out in tears. Oh, my poor little Edison! I didn’t know that he is soooOOOoooo attached to me. I shouldn’t have left him in the class. I felt so bad and full of guilt.

It took me about half an hour to cheer him up and to make him smile again after the class. You couldn’t imagine how bad the damage was. I can feel that he was a little angry with his Daddy too. When Daddy called him, he simply ignored him. He even pushed away Daddy’s hand when Daddy wanted to touch him.

After the class ended, we went to Suntec City for dinner and shopping. Slowly, he has started to forget about the incident and became smiley and cheerful again. I was so happy to see him transformed into a smiley and cheerful boy again.


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