When You Just Don't Have Time

Friday, October 03, 2008

I had a mini meltdown today. No matter how hard I’ve tried, I just couldn’t finish my work by 6pm. My work has been physically draining this week and I’m feeling extremely stressed out.

Its 9pm now, Edison has just stepped into dreamland. I will continue with my work after posting this entry into my blog. Something cool about my job – I can work anywhere, as long as I have my laptop, mobile phone and internet access. Basically, my job is to scold people and expedite shipments. Such an un-glam job! I hardly dress-up formally to work. But if you ask me to trade this job for one that involves heels and long sleeve shirts, I would rather endure with this un-glam job. At least, I can dress comfortably to work; wearing jeans as and when I like. Dress code is something that you simply can’t find here.

2008 has been a super busy year for me. I realized that I haven’t had a break or holiday since I returned to workforce after my maternity leave. Somehow, I feel that I’ve been spreading myself too thin. It’s just work and family. I don’t have any personal time for myself. When was the last time I had a drink with my girlfriend? Well, the short answer is January 2008. How pathetic!

I wish I have one day just for MYSELF every month. Then I can do something that I really enjoy, something that I always do when I was a single:
- Have a nice facial or spa in the beauty salon.
- Followed by 45-mins of lymphatic drainage massage. This is really good! It helps to reduce water retention and improve overall complexion.
- Body scrub and mask. Regular exfoliation is crucial for skin renewal and a healthy skin.
- Hair and scalp treatment.

Wow, feel like I’m in heaven now! Hehehe...

Ok, back to reality. I never regret spending 4 hours in the hair salon 2 months ago to rebond my hair. Now my hair is so easy to maintain. I just need a tub of hair mask; to be used as conditioner after every shampoo. Jean-Yip Bio-Treatment Hair Mask with Ceramide- it works wonders for me.

I have a few DIY beauty short-cuts to keep my skin under control (before it gets moldy!). Perhaps, someday I should blog about it. Instant beauty fixes that gets me ready in time to face the big bad world.

Ok, time to really start working now. Tomorrow is going to be another exciting day. It's a new term for Edison's Shichida Class.


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