Milestones in Language Development - 13 months

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Today I want to blog about Edison's milestones in language development. At 13 months, he has started to comprehend the world he lives in: When we name a common object, such as shoes, he will show that he knows what we are taking about by looking at it, pointing to it or picking up the object.

Although he doesn't talk much yet, but his ears are widely opened and he is eager to absorb all kinds of information. I am fascinated by how he uses pointing and gesturing to communicate with me and our family. He is able to connect names with the right person – daddy, mummy, grandpa, grandma, godpa and kakak. Nowadays, he can say a few words very clearly, i.e. papa, mum mum, tata & star.

These are some simple sentences that he can understand:

“Edison, where are your shoes?”
His reaction: Walk to the door and pick up his shoes.

“Edison, how to wear your shoes?”
His reaction: Sit on the floor, stretch out his legs and pick up his shoe (although he doesn’t know how to put on yet).

“Edison, where are the stars?” “Edison, where is the moon?”
His reaction: Look up to the sky.

“Edison, do you want to go home?”
His reaction: Walk to the main door at grandma’s house, waiting to go back home.

“Edison, do you want your smelly pillow?”
His reaction: He will quickly walk to me and snatch his pillow from me.

“No more?”
He will show you something like this:

My smart little Edison, Mummy loves you so much!


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