Potty Training

Friday, October 10, 2008

We started the basic potty training for Edison when he was about 8 months old. We trained him to urinate in the toilet. We will carry him to the toilet every hour and after he wake up from sleep to pass urine. Initially, we make some ‘sh-sh-sh’ sound to signal him to urinate. Soon, he started to get used to the routine. When its time to urinate, we will bring him to toilet and tell him “Edison, let’s go to pee-pee.” Now, he will urinate every time we bring him to the toilet and he rarely urinates on his pants. During the day time, he is generally diaper-less (except weekends when he is outdoor), which is more comfortable in this warm weather.

Then, I purchased a child size potty from Kiddy Palace and put it somewhere that Edison can see it pretty often. From there, we let him explore the potty and sit on it when he shows interest. We want this potty training to be fun and stress-free for him. It just need a little more time, patience and encouragement.

For the past one week, when we sensed that Edison wants to pass motion, we quickly let him sit on his potty. He poo-poo in the potty without any fuss. It’s just so easy for him. Amazing!

Now that he can pee and poo in the potty, our next step is to make him aware of the use of his little potty. By using the potty consistently, he will slowly understand the use of it. I believe someday he will reach for the potty himself whenever he wants to pee or poo. This will definitely takes a little longer time, but it’s okay. He has already made a very good progress now despite his young age. I’m so proud of him.

Potty training saves a considerable amount of money since diapers are quite expensive. But most importantly, he feels more comfortable without wearing the bulky diaper and he can move around freely at home. Well done, Edison!


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